New mediatypemanager to manage authors and put upcoming books into the bookmediamanager

zombiehoffa 11 years ago updated by lad1337 11 years ago 4
Not too much else to say here, similar to headphones again, but for authors.
I would also like to see this.  It would be a a great way to keep geting new books from favorate authors.
its either that or a MediaAdder plugin for e.g. Goodreads 

but you had to maintain the Goodreads reading list

I will have to look at goodreads a little closer, but I believe this is different than good reads in that I don't believe you can just add an author and have goodreads automagically add a book to your reading list. If you can do that on goodreads then it's exactly the same thing though.
true absolutely right

in the end an author based books MTM would generaly be a good idea