basic lingo what is what

since XDM is so general / unspecific i'll try to explain a few things what they mean when i write about them

  • Element / elements: just like in the material world everything in XDM is made of an element (i know its more complicated then that but hey). Elements can have a parent and many children. These connections build the tree for each MediaType. e.g. Element(TV)->Element(Show)->Element(Season)->Element(Episode)
  • MediaType: most of the time when i write MediaType i mean MediaTypeManager. These are a type of plugin that define how the Media looks(GUI), is structured (see above). Basically everything that defines the MediaType is defined in its MediaTypeManager.
  • Provider: The Provider plugins provide (meta) data for a Media. The Providers are in close relation to the MediaTypeManagers since they have to provide a data structure (tree) as the MediaTypeManager expects it. There is no limit on how many Providers there are for one MediaType (although this is not tested in "production"). Each provider has its own "tag" to identify the source of the information.
  • Field: A field is information from the provider connected to an Element. Only (i think 3) types of value are supported (int, string, date).
to be continued

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