chrome plugin to add stuff

zombiehoffa 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 2
would be great if it at least supported goodreads and imdb to add movies and books respectively. Couchpotato has a decent chrome plugin as an example.
before this can be done the api has to be improved!

besides there is a imdb MediaAdder and trakt.tv watchlist MediaAdder
i was already working on a MediaAdder for the Goodreads shelf but that needs OAuth which makes it a little more complicated
you can find the imdb and trakt.tv MediaAdder in the main plugin repo
  • imdb: you just need to enter the "export this list" link from the bottom of you watchlist
  • trakt.tv: you need your username, pw and api key
With goodreads shelf support I probably don't need a plugin for chrome.