new mediatypemanager to manager music artists

zombiehoffa 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 2
something pretty much like headphones https://github.com/rembo10/headphones
to manage artists and automagically put upcoming albums into the music mediatypemanager. 
do you think the current layout would still work if you had all these albums ?
It would probably need an option to have a list view. I honestly really like the headphones layout of artist -> all possible albums from artist with the ones you have highlighted with notes about quality in your collection, but that pretty much completely changes the music plugin itself and slots you into one form of thinking about your music, which isn't very extendable;)

From my limited experience with the current layout (I didn't know this existed 24 hours ago) I would say it probably won't work with lots and lots of albums and some form of title grouping will be needed (for music and books the natural grouping seems to be by artist/author). If you were to apply some grouping method to the titles it would be super awesome if it worked a bit like the tagging system in gmail with multiple possible attributes to group off of. In the case of music you could have something like "All, artist, year, genre" across the top with config to make it easy to add any attribute to the list that is supported by id3tag, click the tag at the top and you get whatever attribute list you chose on your screen, click one of the attributes and you get  a subset of your music that meets that criteria. that would probably need a filtering method to work really well. This kind of behaviour would work great in movies too (click on actor, get a big list of all the actors in the movies, filter down to whoever you want and you can see all the movies in your collection that have, for example, Charlie Chaplin in them.)